Rotary harrow

07 july 2016



Harrow - Sapa rotary is designed for pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing crops of field crops (cereals, tilled, technical) in order to:

• surface loosening and aerating the soil,
• destruction of filamentous weed

Effectively use a rotary chopper for spring harrowing of winter wheat.
Working bodies Chopper create ideal conditions for the initial development of the root system of plants, good mulch topsoil, destroying the soil crust, thereby keeping moisture destroy threadlike roots of weeds to 100% at speeds up to 20 km / h. This makes it possible to switch to bezgerbitsidnuyu technology . When sutsilnoy soil crust in the early stages of crop growth, such as corn in the 2-3 leaf stage, when the use of spike-tooth harrow impossible Chopper efficiency increases dramatically.

Sapa rotary - tilled aggregated with tractors of class 2, class 1.4 (MTZ-80).
The process of aggregation - hinged.

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