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tire protection

Tire Protection System

Protection of tires and track   To close the theme harvesting corn and sunflower - are aware of the problems encountered with the tires. Because most of the field work is done in the stubble, very strongly (4-7 times !!) reduced life of even the most high-quality and reliable tire. We have the perfect solution - protection system and tire tracks GT, which is attached to the combine header or front of the tractor, breaking stubble corn or sunflower, and thereby reducing the risk... Learn more

Doubling whell

Doubling wheel system

                            Excellent solution for farm machinery - a system of doubling of wheels.   The advantages of such a system: Increased productivity due to less soil compaction Increased permeability and durability (wet soils or early field work) Increased productivity due to increased traction performance art Increasing... Learn more


Rotary harrow

    Harrow - Sapa rotary is designed for pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing crops of field crops (cereals, tilled, technical) in order to: • surface loosening and aerating the soil, • destruction of filamentous weed Effectively use a rotary chopper for spring harrowing of winter wheat. Working bodies Chopper create ideal conditions for the initial development of the root system of plants, good mulch topsoil, destroying the soil crust, thereby... Learn more

World tires

Proper storage of tires

Tires - is rubber products, which are easily deformed, exposed to the damaging effects of petroleum products, chemicals, and solar radiation. Tires should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, away from oil, gasoline, grease and any other chemicals, because they destroy the bus, and can significantly reduce the life of the tire. Before replacing the tire label the place of installation of tires on the car, for example, PL - left front wheel, the PP - the right rear. After that, clean the... Learn more



The right choice of tyres directly affects traction and speed properties of a wheeled vehicle (dynamics of acceleration, maximum speed, average speed on the roads of a different condition), which primarily depend on the power of the engine and features of its transmission to the drive wheels. The maximum speed is usually limited to heat stress of the tyres. It is well-known that one of the crucial factors, which affect achievement of the maximum speed and the degree of tyres heating, is their... Learn more

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