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Proper storage of tires

10 december 2014

Tires - is rubber products, which are easily deformed, exposed to the damaging effects of petroleum products, chemicals, and solar radiation. Tires should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, away from oil, gasoline, grease and any other chemicals, because they destroy the bus, and can significantly reduce the life of the tire.
Before replacing the tire label the place of installation of tires on the car, for example, PL - left front wheel, the PP - the right rear. After that, clean the tire completely by removing particles of gravel.
Keep tires as possible with the discs, and without them. But for each of these two cases it is necessary to apply a method of storage.
Tires must not be stored on disk in the "upright" position. They should be hung or in a horizontal position (the most ideal option - it is deposited on a wooden pallet). Keep them can rely on each other.
Tires that are not mounted on the disk to be stored vertically, but in a suspended form. Can serve as a support plane, but rather a semicircular surface provides less deformation of the tire. It is undesirable to use for this purpose thin tube, pull a cable or sharp edge sill - they increase the burden on small areas, contributing to greater strain. For prolonged storage every four weeks tires should be rotated, changing the area of support. This excludes the change in shape of the sidewalls and tread tires and increase the imbalance.
Keep tires stacked, ie the other one can not. Under the influence of gravity is deformed below the tire tread. Exposure to these constant force for a long period causes bending belt and tread profile variation, which in cross section takes a round shape. After installing a tire on a car spot decreases its contact with the road deteriorates and there is intense grip tread wear in the central part of it.
It is best to keep the tires in enclosed spaces. Leave them under a canopy outdoors can be no more than a month, and stored in the open air without protection from the sun and weather, can not be due to significant fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity: temperature - from minus 30 ° C to + 30 ° C and humidity - 50 % to about 80%. Do not store tires in the same room with combustible, lubricants and chemicals and petroleum products.
If the tires with cameras, the pressure in them should be minimized to the bus is not "inflated", ie not deformed. Separately stored camera also need to pump and store a bit on the brackets with semicircular surfaces.
Before you start to operate the bus again after a long storage, check them for damage and wear, as well as evaluate the remaining tread depth and any possible imbalance. Balancing wheels - service provided by many vendors tires help to avoid uneven wear, as well as many other problems associated with an imbalance in the wheels.

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