Doubling system

What do you need double-tyre wheels for?

  • Reducing the pressure on the soil;
  • Less track traces;
  • Traction increase;
  • Better grip of treads with the soil;
  • Less slippage.


  • Increased off-road performance and stability (e.g., wet soils);
  • Improved performance (weight carrying capacity) by reducing slippage;
  • fuel economy;
  • time saving;
  • speed increase;
  • production costs reduction;
  • increase of the performance areas.

In modern agriculture, farmers increasingly use high-power tractors. The vehicle weight is very important in agriculture.

In order to avoid negative effects of wheeled tractors, the simplest and the easiest solution for propulsion improving is doubling of the wheels, while reducing tyre pressure to 0.8-0.9 kg/cm2. Installation of the double-tyre wheels without changing the design of the tractor gives a completely new performance.

Application of double-tyre wheels reduces contact pressure on the soil that helps to reduce the degree of compaction in the tractor tracks by 1.5-2 times, helps to increase machinery off-road performance at high humidity and their traction. This is particularly important in the early stages of field work in spring when soil is very wet.

Scientists estimated tillage systems and concluded that the tractor wheels affect crop yield. The researchers recommend using the double-tyre wheels on a tractor while tilling. Based on the results of scientific experiments, suspension system of heavy machinery for processing has a detrimental effect on the soil: its density increases and absorption capacity decreases. As a consequence, the crop yield drops to 30%.

The usage of double-tyre tractor wheels allows reducing pressure on the soil, which minimizes the effects listed above. The usage of   double-tyre tractor wheels involves changing the track width, increase in the traction ability of vehicles, off-road performance and stability, for example, on the moist soils. Such wheels increase loading capacity of tractor that allows achieving the high working performance.

Machinery with double-tyre wheels can be combined with additional equipment for the surface treatment of the soil with fertilizer, sowing, fertilizing perennials, tillage of fields and meadows, ploughing, tillage of wet soils, etc. These tractor wheels raise performance and help reduce costs for machinery maintenance.

Double-tyre wheels increase the overall contact area of a tyre with the soil. When tyre pressure in the double-tyre wheels is appropriate, the total weight of the vehicle is distributed over a larger contact area of the tyre with the soil. It helps avoid deep tracks from the wheels and soil compaction. In addition, traction is increased due to better adhesion of the treads with the soil.

Double-tyre wheels are used in cultivation of the soil, and especially while secondary tillage. Additional wheels allow reducing tyre pressure, and thus, the pressure on the soil. Tractor with the double-tyre wheels becomes a multi-purpose machine that can be used for ploughing or transportation on public highways.

It should be kept in mind that when double-tyre wheels for tractors are used the air pressure in the additional tyres should be by 0.02 MPa less than in tyres of the main wheels.

Tests have shown that the usage  of double-tyre wheels reduces their slippage by 20...36%, fuel consumption up to 15% and increases performance of the tractor up to 15%.