Industrial tyres

Industrial tyres are designed specifically for industrial and road construction machinery. They are mounted on loaders, excavators, dump trucks, tractors and towing equipment.

The main purpose of the tyres for heavy service is fast transportation of heavy loads over longer distances. As a result of heavy loads, the tyre, which has temperature limitations, will be inevitably heated.

If this threshold is reached, tyres wear faster. While selecting tyres it is necessary to estimate the workload that the tyre can withstand without overheating during operation of the vehicle under specified conditions.


  • ”E”: tyres for excavating machinery and dump trucks;
  • “L”: tyres for loaders and excavators;
  • “G”: tyres for graders.

Tyres of E Series are called the tyres for towing machinery operated off-the-road for excavation. These tyres transport materials on rough surfaces at the speed up to 60 km/h and for short distances up to 4 km/h. These tyres are used on the vehicles such as dump trucks with front unloading, dump trucks with unloading through the bottom, scrapers and mobile cranes.

Tyres of L Series are used on loaders and bulldozers of all sizes under off-the-road conditions. Most of the tyres designed for loading trucks are limited to a very low speed and a very short distance of transportation, i.e. 10 km/h due to their extremely heavy construction.

Tyres of G Series are mainly used on motor graders of all application types. The tyres are designed for:

  • The speed up to 40 km/h;
  • Unlimited distance;
  • Tyres of G Series are classified as follows:
  • G-2 of increased adhesion with conventional groove depth;
  • G-3 for rocky surface with a conventional groove depth.


R8; R10; R12; R13; R15; R16,5; R18; R20; R24; R25; R26; R33; R39; R45; R57.


Belshina (BTF), Nizhnekamskshina NkSHZ (KAMA), Rosava, Mitas, Trelleborg, ВКТ, Alliance,  ÖZKA LASTİK.


Forklifts, Telescopic Wheel Loaders, Cranes, Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Loading Trucks, Dump Trucks.