Tyres for agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicle tyres are highly specialized products. And specialization is defined both by the variety of operating conditions, and a wide range of vehicles. The right choice of tyres will optimize production and save money. If vehicles work properly, downtime is excluded and losses are reduced.

The main criteria of tyres selection:

  1. Tyres must match the type of soil. General recommendations for selection are the following: if the soil is wet, the cleats must be arranged higher and as a result tilt angle becomes wider. If there is high adhesion of the soil, it is necessary to select tyres so that the distance between cleats was as large as possible. There are types of tyres with improved self-cleaning. They are also recommended to be used with these types of soil.
  2. Tyres are installed according to their specifications. Tyres with a variable tilt angle of cleats are installed on the front drive wheels. Ribbed tyres are installed on the front passing wheels, while the number of the ribs shall be inversely proportional to the soil moisture. Agricultural tyres, which have a tilt angle of the cleats of 23 degrees, are installed on the rear wheels. In case of highly moist soil, the tilt angle of cleats must be variable.
  3. Tyres must match the vehicle power and its loads. One should remember that the load should not exceed the maximum allowable one (due to technical characteristics). Tyres with higher power must have broad cleats or small distance interval.

Pay attention to the types of the wheel rims when choosing tyres, since they must match.


R10; R12; R14; R14,5; R15; R15,3; R16; R16,1; R18; R20; R22,5; R24; R26; R26,5; R28; R30; R30,5; R32; R34; R36; R38; R40; R42; R44; R46; R48; R50; R52; R54.


Vredestein (Netherlands), Firestone (USA), Michelin (France), GoodYear (USA), Trelleborg (Sweden), Continental (Germany), Mitas (Czech Republic), ВКТ (India), Alliance (Israel), Belshina (BTF), Nizhnekamskshina NkSHZ (KAMA), Rosava, DTP, tyre tubes produced by KABAT (Poland), ÖZKA LASTİK (Turkey).


МТЗ, ХТЗ, Belarus, Kirovets, John Deere, Claas, Case IH, New Holland, Agco Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Landini, Fendt.