About us

Operating efficiency of vehicles is one of the basic conditions of the timely and correct business operations.
Guided by this rule and the increased demands of the market M-RAD Company aims to form partnerships with the (industrial) consumers of tyres, regardless of the industry and process.

Our goal is to optimize the supply of tyres for your vehicles at a convenient time for you and according to your model range.
M-RAD supplies both through producer’s dealer networks and direct delivery of tyres in accordance with the quantitative and qualitative requirements of customers.

Considering the scale of your business and fleet vehicles, M-RAD provides wholesale and retail supplies of products directly to the (end) customer that allows determining the most effective relationships and completing your subsequent order in a correct way.

Currently, the brand portfolio of M-RAD is represented by the following producers:

  1. Cargo and commercial vehicles: ROSAVA
  2. Agricultural vehicles: Vredestein, Alliance, ROSAVA, BKT,  ÖZKA LASTİK.
  3. Industrial tyres: ROSAVA, BKT, Alliance, ÖZKA LASTİK

Since the issue of operating efficiency of energy resources in agriculture directly affects the profitability of the whole production, M-RAD is ready to offer its customers production of double-tyre wheels, along with the tyres.

We are interested in cooperation with you, so trying to improve the quality of partnership relations M-RAD undertakes to comply with the warranty provided by the producers.
M-RAD is open for cooperation, work improvements and enhancement of the services quality in order to establish open, long-term and mutually beneficial relations with you.

Company M-RAD