Alliance Tyre Company, Israel is one of the largest tyre companies, specializing in production of agricultural tyres. With over 50 years of experience in developing and producing a wide range of tyres for various types of equipment, Alliance successfully competes with the world's leading brands.

Range of tyres offered by the company includes a wide product line of radial and diagonal agricultural tyres, general-purpose and industrial tyres, a full line of tyres with low ground pressure, tyres for forestry machines, truck tyres and tyres for road construction equipment, which is over 1,000 items in total.

Alliance tyres meet all the requirements of modern technology: both the latest development of high speed agricultural machines and heavy agricultural equipment.

The company is well known, because it offers full range of tyres with low ground pressure tyres and tyres for inter-row cultivation. Owing to close cooperation with the customer in the area of development of new standards sizes and design of tyres, Alliance offers tyres for a wide range of the most modern machinery.

The company annually invests in the development and production of over 30 new products of modern tyres.