BKT is one of the world's leading producers of giant tyres. BKT produces a wide range of giant tyres. BKT history starts from 1995, when the company launched the production of off-road tyres.

The products were instantly distributed in the European and North American market. Providing regular market researches and increasing production capacity, BKT tyres (BKT diagonal tyres, BKT radial tyres) gained popularity and now are used for agricultural, construction, industrial, excavating, harbour and motorcycle machinery. Over 90% of BKT tyres are produced for export. BKT tyres are well-known in over 120 world countries, in all major markets of Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

BKT is continuously expanding its production capacities; the company owns 3 tyre plants and one production centre in different regions of India. BKT is well equipped and able to provide growing demand worldwide.

Research has always been in the first place of BKT, thus BKT spends a great amount of money on researches and development. The whole wide range of tyres of the company, including BKT radial tyres and BKT diagonal tyres are developed by BKT’s specialists.

Due to the constant research of the market, customer needs, technology trends, progressive research department, development of new models and designs, expansion of production capacities, BKT tyres have gained popularity in the world market in a relatively short period.