Dutch Company Vredestein B.V. is currently owned by Indian Concern Apollo Tyres. Company Vredestein B.V. has its own centre for research and development, raw material base and extensive distribution network. Vredestein develops and produces tyres of premium class for a wide range of vehicles and for any climate conditions. The company's products are sold in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Vredestein background

The first production of industrial-rubber products of Vredestein was launched in 1909, but the actual company was established in 1946. It needed a lot of courage and absolute understanding of the process in order to establish a new business immediately after the Second World War. Plant in Enshede was a Dutch-American joint venture company established by Vredestein and BF Goodrich. It was welcomed at the time when most businesses in this industry were in ruins. It began its career with production of the tyres. New company was a leader in the United States and at the same time had a tendency to enter the European roads. Thus, the pioneering spirit due to which Vredestein became famous later, assisted to develop new tyres that meet exactly the European requirements. Profilux tyres were the first of two outstanding products of the fifties and sixties. Like its predecessor, the advertising company Masterlux helped Vredestein to become the leader in tyre market, using such advertising campaign that would surprise anyone even today.

Currently, Vredestein B.V. belongs to Indian Concern Apollo Tyres. Apollo Tyres acquired Vredestein from the bankrupt Amtel in early 2009.

Vredestein today

Nowadays the company specializes in designing, producing and selling tyres for automobiles, vans, bikes, scooters, industrial and agricultural machinery.

Core values of Vredestein include innovation, design, high technology and, above all, quality. Quality of products and high level of services are a proof of the company commitment to the interests of its customers and clients.

Vredestein develops and produces tyres of premium class for a wide range of vehicles and any climate conditions. To maintain its leading position, the company introduces advanced innovations to the market on a regular basis. Making new tyres, Vredestein is, primarily, guided by concepts such as safety, creative approach and modern design.

Close cooperation of the design, production and marketing departments within the company is required in order to maintain the product quality at a consistently high level. Also, relationships with suppliers of raw materials and equipment are crucial. Vredestein is proud of a unique partnership with Giugiaro Design, which is a design company, leader in automotive industry. Thanks to this collaboration a range of high class tyres is developed. Vredestein products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of specialized stores. The company has branches in many European countries, as well as in the United States.

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